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Biodiesel Car

There are not very many cars that run diesel engines, but there are a few that looked to take advantage of the burgeoning biodiesel revolution. There are a few models of biodiesel car out there though.  Volkswagen Jetta is perhaps the best known example because it was the first commercially available diesel car.

While there is no such thing as a specifically biodiesel car, you can safely assume that any car that runs on diesel fuel is intended for use with biodiesel, because cars don’t make use of diesel’s energy pressure the way trucks do. The first attempts at converting cars to run on biodiesel were the results of a 1993 initiative undertaken by the big three auto makers and the US federal government.

The automakers were tasked with coming up with sedans that got 3x the fuel economy of their contemporaries while maintaining standards in other areas. The surprising result was that all three companies came up with biodiesel cars that were also electric hybrids. None of the carmakers went to market with their concept cars, but that laid the foundation for later advancements.


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