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Biodiesel Equipment

Biodiesel equipment varies depending on the precise fuel stock used in the process. For instance if you use corn you’ll need to have the corn husked and the kernels removed before you can even begin the oil extraction process. Depending on your supplier, this may already be taken care of for you, but if you’re a farmer planning to process a portion of your crop, then you’ll need to have that done in-house.

Rice and wheat require simpler biodiesel equipment to refine to an oil-extraction ready state. Of course, it is far simpler to begin the production process with a vegetable oil already at hand. And many who run a biodiesel plant do just that. The reason for this is that if the oil is already extracted and usable, it’s a simple matter to run that through the tank along with methanol to complete the amino acid exchange.=

One of the most impressive things about biodiesel is that it can be created from used food oils. For instance, a restaurant goes through several gallons of oil for a deep fryer each week. The used oil was thrown away in years past. Today, there’s a market for that oil as a source of biodiesel. Disneyland recently retrofitted their trains with biodiesel equipment, and actually runs them exclusively on fuel that is produced from the used vegetable oils that the park already purchases.


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