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Biodiesel Kits

You can easily buy biodiesel kits that will allow you to manufacture biodiesel on a small scale. The word small here is relative, some of these systems can produce upwards of 1,600 gallons of fuel a day, which is far more than most individuals require. The kits themselves will include the equipment, though not the processing materials necessary to manufacture biodiesel.

Regardless of where you live, odds are good that you have an easily obtainable source of fuel for your biodiesel kit. In rural areas, there is perhaps the most obvious source, crops. They’re growing all around, but what you may not realize is the amount of processing a crop must undergo in order to become fuel.

In urban areas you’ll be harder pressed to see where the fuel for a biodiesel kit comes from just by looking around. However, nearly every restaurant operates a deep fryer. This fryer needs its oil changed every week, in heavy use situations such as fast food, it may need to be changed as frequently as every day. The used oil was thrown away once upon a time. However you can easily convert that used oil into biodiesel, and many companies will only charge you with picking up the used oil and transporting it off location.


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