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Biodiesel could be the solution to our dependency on petroleum products.

Biodiesel Algae
One promising avenue of research is into biodiesel algae cultivation, because algae have such a return for the mass in terms of oil.

Biodiesel Car
A biodiesel car is much more likely to be found in Europe, but you can find them on this side of the Atlantic as well.

Biodiesel Conversion
Biodiesel conversion was a process that was discovered in the early 20th century, but really gained no popular traction until nearly the end of the century.

Biodiesel Equipment
Biodiesel equipment is fairly straightforward; it needs to provide a heated, pressurized environment for the vegetable oil and methanol to interact.

Biodiesel Fuel
Biodiesel fuel can be used in an unmodified diesel engine.

Biodiesel Jatropha
You can extract oil for biodiesel from jatropha nuts, which come from a plant species that is native to central America.

Biodiesel Kits
Biodiesel kits can easily be set up to make fuel on a personal or small business scale.

Biodiesel Oil
Biodiesel oil is simply any vegetable oil, whether new or waste, that will be refined into auto fuel.

Biodiesel Plant
A biodiesel plant converts vegetable oil into usable fuel for your vehicle.

Biodiesel Processor
A biodiesel processor is similar to a plant, only operating on a much smaller scale.

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