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Biodiesel Oil

When you hear the term biodiesel oil, it refers to any type of vegetable oil. One of the most impressive things about the biodiesel process is that it can be fueled with nearly any vegetable oil, making it one of the most locally adaptable fuel sources yet. This adaptability is key in the push to make biodiesel the emerging combustible fuel worldwide.

For instance, in Asia biodiesel oil is primarily soy based, or if not soy, then rice based. In islands of the pacific, palm oil is the fuel of choice. In North America, corn is the preferred fuel. In South America they have begun using jatropha nuts as a source for oil. This last one is especially ingenious because the nuts are toxic to humans and can’t be used as a food source, so this use does not detract from the local food supply.

If you are a farmer looking to begin producing your own biodiesel, you can fuel the reaction from just about any crop you grow. The chief challenge will be extracting the biodiesel oil on location, rather than shipping it off. This can require a sizable upfront investment, but you’ll save yourself the pain of having to purchase your own crop back to use as fuel.


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