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Biodiesel Plant

A biodiesel plant is a mix between a gasoline refinery and a vegetable oil manufacturing plant. It takes large quantities of feedstock, such as corn and converts them into a fuel that is usable in a modern diesel engine. The process is not picky; almost any area of the world has a crop that can be readily converted into biodiesel.

For instance Malaysia just recently opened a biodiesel plant that converts palm oil into biodiesel. The first step in any conversion is to extract the oil from the crop in question. In the US, the primary biodiesel crop is corn, while in china, it is rice. That’s part of the allure of biodiesel as a form of renewable energy- it can be modified to work in almost any part of the world.

Another aspect of producing biodiesel that is attractive is that compared to other forms of refinement, biodiesel is actually not very technologically challenging to produce. The average biodiesel plant consists of a few tanks for the various stages of transfer, along with some silos to store feedstock waiting to be converted. In fact, as long as a viable power source is available, almost any country can set up a biodiesel distillery.


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