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Biodiesel Processor

A biodiesel processor is a small scale refinery. The tanks run in the 20-200 gallon range, as opposed to industrial sized plants that have tanks in excess of 1,000 gallons each all running continuously. The processors are ideal for farmers or anyone who wants to have a self sustaining fuel option.

A biodiesel processor can be run continuously, or in spurts. A continuous run 40 gallon processor can put out about 1200 gallons of fuel a day, well in excess of what an individual needs for most applications. The best part however, is that the cost to run of these plants is extremely low. They can be run on compressed air, which is great considering that you can buy a diesel fueled air compressor.

So the biodiesel processor in effect fuels itself, and at a significant net gain in energy as well. For anyone that runs diesel applications on a commercial scale, creating your own biodiesel from methanol can add up to a huge savings over the course of a single calendar year. Consider that methanol can be bought for lower than 50 cents a gallon, whereas diesel fuel is up over 2.50 a gallon currently. That means that even if your processing costs double the initial investment cost, you are coming out over 1.50 ahead of the market for diesel fuel!


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